GameChanger Lures


Changing the game.

Featuring baits like the Eeliminator and TrashMaster Jig, GameChanger Lures aims to change the way you fish. After creating some of the hottest baits on the market for other companies, we’ve welcomed ingenuity from fishing industry legend Steve Parks, who is constantly designing and innovating lures to help anglers catch more fish, in unique ways. 

The instant classic Eeliminator is one of the cornerstones of the GameChanger brand. This soft plastic is a hybrid of several traditional plastics while at the same time not really resembling any. A grub like tail trails a thick chunky body which can be fished a myriad of ways. As a jig or chatterbait trailer it shines, but can also be fished Texas rigged, and has caught countless fish even just buzzed along the surface. The next bit of innovation in this lineup of GameChangers is the TrashMaster. This jig is entirely weedless without the clunky weedguard. A screwlock insert on an aerodynamic head allows you to screw your bait in and Tex-pose it so you can pitch it into any cover without worrying about snags or missing bites due to a weed guard. If you’re looking for a game changing trailer for The TrashMaster, did we mention the Eeliminator is versatile? These baits, along with the projects coming soon, are sure to change the game.