Explore your limits

Our Mission: Building incredible customer experiences and communities that celebrate fishing and the outdoors.

We understand the importance of fishing to our community and never stop celebrating the sacred, fun, and inspiring moments it creates in everything we do.

Our purpose: to rescue humanity from the indoors.

This is not about getting our friends to try fishing because they might like it. This is about saving civilization from a future where the only exposure to outdoor experiences may be a virtual one. This is about conserving fishing because fishing conserves humanity in how it connects us to the outdoors, history, tradition, and meaning.

Our Team

Karl VonDibble Chief Fishing Officer
Ross Gordon Founder & CEO
Ryan McDonnell CoFounder & CTO
Geoffrey Champlin Chief Revenue Officer
Elles Skony Chief of Staff & Head of People
Lisa Kempa Chief Financial Officer
Justin Acree Customer Support
Bryan Anderson Finance
Delaney Bartol Customer Support
Alex Bennett MTB & Postfly
Jeremey Berglund Customer Support
Kimberly Blaz Fulfillment & Operations
Timothy Boehm Karl's Retail
Emily Budden Digital Product
Jesse Byers Karl's Retail
Julie Carney Marketing
Tiffany Cimino Marketing
Erin Coning Fulfillment & Operations
Lindsay Effertz Marketing
Terilyn Eisenhauer People & Culture
Sig Finley Core Brands & Product Management
Courtney Fontes Engineering
Brett Forde Marketing
Marty Gallipeau Core Brands & Product Management
Liam Gay-Killeen Customer Support
Evan Gregor Karl's Retail
Erin Handley Fulfillment & Operations
Mitchell Harvick Customer Support
Kelly Hassing Karl's Retail
Zoe Holmquist Marketing
Tre Hunter Design
Tia Hurder Finance
Cody Joynt Engineering
Marissa Jurasovich MTB & Postfly
Jamie Keilholz Marketing
Matt Kestufskie Core Brands & Product Management
Allie Klawitter Karl's Retail
Maciej Labinski Marketing
Gavin Lagle Marketing
Adam Lane Fulfillment & Operations
Brittani Marketing
Kat Livengood Karl's Retail
Casey Lyons Karl's Retail
Joe McKenna Karl's Retail
Trever Michels Karl's Retail
Alex Moon MTB & Postfly
Leah Nicholson Marketing
Kevin Paso Fulfillment & Operations
James Petro Fulfillment & Operations
Gabriel Prero Design
Kristina Ramirez Fulfillment & Operations
Amelia Rengo Marketing
Kristy Reuter B2B Wholesale
Natalie Robinson B2B Wholesale
Josh Rogers Engineering
Eli Rosenberg Marketing
Seth Rosenberg MTB & Postfly
Phil Rowan Engineering
Brian Runnals MTB & Postfly
Zack Ruthven Design
Bryan Schatz MTB & Postfly
Josh Slawkin Fulfillment & Operations
John Solka Finance
Teeg Stouffer Karl's Retail
Jenny Tatelman MTB & Postfly
Nichole Velazquez People & Culture
Mia Wallace Design
Kyle White MTB & Postfly
Matt Wojciak Customer Support
Drew Winterton Design