Mystery Tackle Box

Shopping Experience

Mystery Tackle Box has been described by anglers everywhere as “Christmas every month.”

From one garage in 2012 to over 3 million boxes shipped, Mystery Tackle Box is the leader in fishing subscription boxes, product discovery, and #HappyDances. Our subscription plans introduce beginner and expert anglers alike to new fishing lures and tackle, and the best way to use them.  MTB ships boxes to the United States & Canada, and now even to Mexico! Mystery Tackle Box comes in regular, pro, or elite versions, all jam packed with high quality tackle for anglers at any level.

Besides the boxes, Mystery Tackle Box has formed an online community of anglers looking to share their catches, tips, tricks, and experiences. With over 1,000,000 followers across Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube, MTB has formed an online group of anglers with one VERY important thing in common: Fishing. Whether they subscribe to the boxes or just follow along on social media, anglers can be a part of Team MTB anywhere, anytime. Hands down, Mystery Tackle Box is the most fun way to discover new tackle every single month for the past 7 years.